It can be taken daily to help strengthen our natural defenses and provide a complementary source of energy to our body. It can be eaten raw but is also used with all types of recipes, sweet and salty.

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Develop the production of spirulina in Brazil

  • To take advantage of the Brazilian climate, favorable to the growth of Spirulina. Indeed, the climate of Brazil naturally allows production throughout the year.
  • Introduce an eco-responsible production of spirulina in Brazil.
  • Produce high quality Spirulina according to French standards using only natural processes which will allow to extract all its health benefits
Les serres


Several culture ponds (1000 m2), a proper temperature control system.
A dedicated circulation and water treatment system between the culture ponds and the extraction workstations located in the laboratory.


In a controlled environment (temperature, humidity and hygiene) the laboratory will be the place where the spirulina will be harvested, prepared and controlled.

image du terrain

2018 – July:

Selection and acquisition of land in Brazil suitable for growing spirulina. Serviced and laid out over 3 hectares.

Image Certificat administratif de l’entreprise

2019 – October:

Official creation of Bella Spirulina.

2020 – April:

Start of construction work of the greenhouses and culture ponds.

Les serres
merci a toute l'equipe
Image Plan Labo

2020 – November:

Construction of a laboratory, an office and a storage space. All of them in a controlled environment (temperature, humidity and hygiene).


2021 – May:

Equipment and start-up of the laboratory: Filtering machines, presses, spaghetti machines, drying system, analysis and control equipment’s, hydraulic special pumps.

2021 – July:

End of the test phase and validation of all our processes. Launch of the production phase in the culture pond Number 1.

merci a toute l'equipe

24/04/2020 the greenhouses are finished

A big thank you to the whole team for their efforts and the quality of the work done.

l'electricité enfin

02/07/2020 Electricity finally arrives on our land

I finally found a place to park my bike.

merci Michel

31/10/2020 Meeting with Michel:

With my friend Michel, we discuss the design and installation of production equipment on site. Thank you Michel